EagleCraft Boats

We have been using Wallace I Media as our web master for our website for the past two years. Initially, we started off with having them update our site on a regular basis and then six Months ago we approached them to redesign the entire site.

In most cases we can receive a used vessel or launch a new one in the morning, have a written description and pictures by lunch, send in an e-mail that afternoon and see the ad or the new sample vessel placed on our site that evening or the next morning.

It is a peace of mind to know that all you have to do is: write an e-mail attached with some pictures and the rest is taken care of for you.

Our clients often comment that they visit our site on a regular basis just to see the new vessels we are launching which more than often has resulted in a new boat build for us. Our present customers are visiting our site every day, to see what features and options they see on other vessel, so that they can make a better decision on what they would like to see on their vessel. Potential customers are visiting our new & used section every day so that they can be first in line to get the best deal.

Every once and a while we ask for there expertise on new feature that could be added to improve or to better promote our site. Knowing that cost is relative to our request, they have prepared detailed Quotes and Scenarios that we can use to achieve such improvements.

Thanks for a Job well done Nathan,
Bob Kristmanson